uslugeFeasibility study with cost-benefit analysis  – are made separately for public sector clients (cities and municipalities, ministries and agencies, universities, schools and other state institutions) who are necessary for project application or as part of the overall application of any EU fund. Feasibility study with cost-benefit analysis we work in accordance with official instructions and manuals of the European Commission (Guide to Cost Benefit Analysis of Investment Projects) for EU Structural Funds. Feasibility study with cost-benefit analysis it is for all the project included the development and procurement of equipment, and were financed from EU funds. Feasibility studies with cost-benefit analysis is made on the basis of existing project documentation, accurate cost estimates on the basis of preliminary design or cost estimate made on the basis of the detailed design. There is a practical situation when a feasibility study done on the basis of preliminary design or conceptual design and estimate the cost of building and purchase of equipment, and before the start of detailed design and obtain a building permit, and for reasons to prove economic feasibility of each project and saw the economic dimension of the project and such a study is called a pre-feasibility study with cost-benefit analysis.

The rich experience that we have in preparing feasibility study with cost-benefit analysis of the segments of the tourism, utilities and transport infrastructure.